Community Empowerment Programs

Community Empowerment Programs

Allstate Foundation Financial Education

The Allstate Foundation’s Moving Ahead Through Financial Management Curriculum is a comprehensive package of tools and information designed to empower survivors to understand and manage their finances.

​It is also used to educate and train advocates and Allstate volunteers to work with domestic violence survivors as they move forward on the path to financial security.


Sister's Closet

Need a job but don't have money to buy the clothes you need for an interview?

Wondering how you're going to start that new job without the right clothes to go to work in? We've got your back. 

Your Sister’s Closet provides workplace-ready clothing, shoes, and accessories – for free.  


Here's how it works:


Make an Appointment – Email your information or call to make a one-hour appointment Monday through Friday


Come to the Closet – When you come to your appointment you'll be greeted by one of our friendly volunteers, interns or staff members who will sit and talk with you about your hopes and plans for getting a job, and the type of workplace you're hoping to be in.

Go Shopping – Your personal shopping coach will take you into Your Sister's Closet and help you choose items that suit your taste and your workplace goals. You'll get to take your time trying things on in an attractive, private dressing room. And you won't have to worry about the price tag. There is $0.00 charge for shopping at My Sister's Closet.


Go Get that Job! –The clothing, shoes, and accessories from the Sister's Closet have been donated by women in our community who believe you are somebody worth investing in. Many of the items in the YWCA, Sister's Closet are designer brands, most are recycled, some are brand new, but every single piece is in excellent condition, workplace-ready, and given by somebody who believes you can succeed. 

Go into your next job interview confident and dressed for success!